Sunday, February 8, 2015

Fairy Tale Fun Blog Hop

I was truly stumped when given the opportunity to compare my heroine and alter ego, Sydney Durand (née Bennett) to a fairy-tale princess. I mean, what princess could possibly be as zany, clumsy and, um, insane as Sydney? Aren’t princesses supposed to be sophisticated, refined and regal? Well, leave it to my good friend, the Fabulous Jayne Denker, to come up with the perfect match.

Who better to capture Sydney’s unique personality than Mia Thermopolis of The Princess Diaries? Or if we’re going to get formal, Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo, Crown Princess of Genovia. (Phew! Need a moment to untie my tongue.) Anne Hathaway brings both beauty and humor to the role of a young girl discovering potential she never knew she had, with a few obstacles along the way. Sydney spent most of her life pursuing perfection, stumbling repeatedly, until she learned to redefine her idea of perfection. In the end, these brave women found the happiness they so richly deserved.

Like Sydney, Mia is intelligent and funny, but also awkward. If you’ve read either of the books in my French Twist series, you’ve discovered that Sydney is awkward with a capital “A.” Mia and Sydney share a penchant for babbling, pratfalls and a small degree of lunacy. Yet they manage to do so in an endearing manner. (Or at least I like to think Sydney does. Not everyone who’s read my books agrees!)

Both Mia and Sydney discover love in the most unlikely of places. While Mia is momentarily distracted by the class hunk, she eventually finds a spark with her best friend’s thoughtful (And gorgeous!) brother. Sydney allows herself to be dragged out for wild night by her smack-talking best friend, Maya, only to be swept off her feet by a charming Frenchman. She is forced to battle her deep-rooted insecurities while in the throes of this whirlwind romance.

And the cherry on top of my choice? Mia bears a quite resemblance to me! Ahem, I mean, Sydney. (OK, Anne Hathaway is decidedly more gorgeous than I am, but a girl can dream.) She’s tall, has long, wavy brown locks, gorgeous brown eyes, a beautiful smile and a stunning pair of legs!

Well, now that I’m feeling pretty good about myself, it’s time to tell you of your extremely good fortune! My post is simply one of many witty fairy-tale blogs courtesy of the inspiring women of Chick Lit Chat HQ. Check out the links below for some highly entertaining reading!

And it get's better! Each of the blogs in this hop provides an opportunity for you to win these scrumptious Magic Morsels from Fairy Tale Brownies! That's 18 chances to win this 48 count gift box of delicious gourmet brownies! What?!? 

Here's the rundown:

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Are you ready for my question? Which actress would you choose to play yourself in a movie made about your life? 

Now it's time to get hopping!

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