Wednesday, March 19, 2014

French Twist Truth: Bluey's Style

One of the fun things about writing a true story (with just a little judicious editing) is delving into the details and sharing what is real and what is not real.  And for those real items, perhaps sharing a little photographic evidence…

The description of my husband’s attire the night that I met him is absolutely true, right down to the blue sunglasses:

It was not just that he was handsome; he had style!  Style like none I had ever seen before.  He was at least six feet tall and was wearing, I kid you not, a pale blue suit, complete with matching pale blue sweater underneath.  He had accented this ensemble with a large silver chain, massively spiked dark hair, a perfectly sculpted goatee and, wait for it, pale blue sunglasses.  Clearly this guy took coordination to a whole new level. It was immediately obvious that he was either gay, not from this country or both.  If he turned out to be gay, all the better.   A new friend with great hair and makeup tips was always a good thing.  

(Excerpt from French Twist by Glynis Astie, Copyright 2013.)

Unfortunately, I was not able to snap a photo that night (cell phones with cameras were not as common back in 2001.)  I do; however, have a photo of him wearing his amazing pale blue suit on a later occasion.  As an added bonus, he had had a shaving “accident” that night and is completely devoid of his beautifully sculpted goatee.  I have not yet been granted permission to post this precious pic, but I am working on it!  Tune in next week to see if I am successful.  :)

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